Success Stories


It was a great opportunity for me , I gained a lot of experience after the  course  which  helped  me  in  better  organization  of    my  work  at the kitchen and in presenting my dishes more professionally to the customers, The  course  improved  my  professional  level  and  C.V.  as  I  applied previously  for  Sheraton  hotel  as  cook  3  -before  the  course-  ,  but after the course I was accepted as cook 2 , which is great .La  Panthera  gave  me  as  well  the  opportunity  to  travel  to  Italy  to meet  Chef  Andrea  again  at  his  restaurant  this  time  –  which  is  a dream that is becoming true


I have benefited from Chef Andrea Ali cooking  course many things but the most important thing was the way Chef Andrea Ali was working with being super organized and fast , preparing accurately more than one recipe at the same time , this helped me to be faster and more  organized , saving a lot of time during my working hours, paying more attention to food presentation and HACCP rules .I advise the chefs and anyone studying to be a chef  to take all the possible courses to improve their skills , because the kitchen world is very wide and everyday there is something new  . and it is worth saying  that Chef Andrea Ali himself got some benefits from giving the course  in Amman , that he learnt from us how to make the Arabic bread and got many information about the Arabic kitchen

HAMA HINAWI : Jordanian Fashion designer

it was one of a kind event especially by having Marika the supermodel training us,and professional team of the fashion industry whom qualified me better chose my models with best looks and walk . that helped me as a designer a lot! I am blessed to be chosen by Pantera "