Appreciation letter from King Hussein Cancer Center Princess Dina Mired.


La Pantera Company – Diego Dalla Palma Department received a Thank You letter from Princess Dina Mired - General Manager of King Hussein Cancer Center for the participation in their activity ( you look good - Your spirit Better ) that has been organized by King Hussein Cancer Center & sponsored by us.

The activity is organized to enable the patients to feel better changing their mood keeping them away for a while from the treatment and the disease.

Go Ahead King Hussein Cancer Center we will be always supporting your great ideas & wonderful team.

La pantera Makes Chef Mo'taz Zayed dream becomes True

After the participation of the enthusiastic student, Mo'taz Zayed, from Jordan Applied University, in the Sicilian cooking course organized by La Pantera In cooperation with Euro-meditarranea Academy during Chef Andrea Ali presence in Amman, Mo'taz obtained the highest mark in the exam following the course, And won the first prize which is a trip to Sicily-Italy fully paid by La Pantera Where he learned more Sicilian recipes, and on the Valentine eve Mutaz served Jordanian and Arabic recipes which pleased Chef Andrea Ali restaurant's customers , crowning the Valentine’s Eve at Palazzolo-Sicily with Jordanian Arabic Flavor Mixed with charming Italian atmosphere ,Providing a nice example on the cultural exchange between Italy and Jordan

Interview with Ms. Maha Haddad - JAU Student

Welcoming Ms. Maha Haddad who is a special trainee of Chef Andrea Ali Sicilian cooking course and a JAU Student at our offices was a great pleasure to us , and the following interview took place :Q1- What where your benefits from attending chef Andrea Ali Course , and how it will affect your job development in the future ?A1- I have benefited from the course many things but the most important thing was the way Chef Andrea Ali was working with being super organized and fast , preparing accurately more than one recipe at the same time , this helped me to be faster and more organized , saving a lot of time during my working hours, paying more attention to food presentation and HACCP rules .Q2- What did you try to make from the recipes that Chef Andrea trained you about? And did the people who tasted enjoyed it ?A2- I’ve tried all of them but the Tiramisu and the sweet and sour chicken were the most likable recipes , people at first were surprised and astonished , but they really liked them .Q3- What are the difficulties and obstacles that Chefs in Jordan are facing ?A3-First : the high cost of the equipment and ingredients , and some of them are not available .second : Lack of incentivesThird : People evaluation for Chefs ( being under estimated sometimes )Q4- What is your advice to the new Chefs ?A4-I advise them to take all the possible courses to improve their skills , because the kitchen world is very wide and everyday there is something new . and it is worth saying that Chef Andrea Ali himself got some benefits from giving the course in Amman , that he learnt from us how to make the Arabic bread and got many information about the Arabic kitchen




قامت الانسه رفاء بدارنه بلقاء خاص مع الشيف معتز زايد طالب من طلاب JAU الذي تلقى الكورس الخاص بالشيف اندريا الي و ربح الجائزه الاولى من متسابقي JAU , وقد تلقى معتز شهاده لهذه الدوره التدريبيه كما فاز برحله الى صقليه - ايطاليا مقدمه له من شركه PANTERA .* ما الكلمه التي تحب ان توجهها لشركه PANTERA و جامعه JAU ؟-اود ان اشكر جامعتي التي وفرت لي هذه الفرصه , اما بالنسبه لشركه PANTERA فاود ان اشكرها ايضا لانني بفضلها حصلت على هذه الدوره وعلى الشهاده .*بما تصف لنا تجربتك في هذا الكورس , وماذا استفدت ؟- كانت تجربه جميله جدا و قد استفدت كثيرا بالمعلومات التي اخذتها و منها مجموعه من الاطباق المميزه من المطبخ الصقليي , وطريقه عمل عجينه الباستا و غيره من المعلومات العلميه المفيده .*ماذا اضاف الكورس لحياتك العمليه ؟- اصبح لدي خبره في الاطباق و طريقه العمل واصبح لدي خبره اوسع لاضعها في سيرتي الذاتيه , وقبل الكورس قدمت على مطعم في SHERATON COOK 3 و بعد ما اخذت الشهاده وضعوني في COOK 2* وماذا كان رايك بالشيف اندريا ؟- شخص لطيف مضحك احببت العمل معه كثيرا و طريقه ترتيبه يالشغل , و ايضا لفت انتباهي اناقته .*هل تشجع الناس بالمشاركه في دورات تدريبيه مماثله , وهل ستشترك ؟- اولا نعم احبذها , و اشجع الناس ان تشترك بهذه الدورات التدريبيه .

Lunch with the Italian Trade Commissioner at JAU University

 Lunch with the italian trade commissioner and his assistant , with the representative of the italian embassy for economic anf commerce attache @jau with the dean Dr. Muhsen Makhamreh and his lovely team

La Pantera Agreement With JAU University

We are very honoured and pleased to announce the cooperation and partnership between JAU University in Jordan and La Panthera est. representing Euro -mediterranean academy ,It reflects clearly the willingness of JAU management to improve and develop their students talents and level....