Interview with Ms. Maha Haddad - JAU Student

Welcoming Ms. Maha Haddad who is a special trainee of Chef Andrea Ali Sicilian cooking course and a JAU Student at our offices was a great pleasure to us , and the following interview took place :Q1- What where your benefits from attending chef Andrea Ali Course , and how it will affect your job development in the future ?A1- I have benefited from the course many things but the most important thing was the way Chef Andrea Ali was working with being super organized and fast , preparing accurately more than one recipe at the same time , this helped me to be faster and more organized , saving a lot of time during my working hours, paying more attention to food presentation and HACCP rules .Q2- What did you try to make from the recipes that Chef Andrea trained you about? And did the people who tasted enjoyed it ?A2- I’ve tried all of them but the Tiramisu and the sweet and sour chicken were the most likable recipes , people at first were surprised and astonished , but they really liked them .Q3- What are the difficulties and obstacles that Chefs in Jordan are facing ?A3-First : the high cost of the equipment and ingredients , and some of them are not available .second : Lack of incentivesThird : People evaluation for Chefs ( being under estimated sometimes )Q4- What is your advice to the new Chefs ?A4-I advise them to take all the possible courses to improve their skills , because the kitchen world is very wide and everyday there is something new . and it is worth saying that Chef Andrea Ali himself got some benefits from giving the course in Amman , that he learnt from us how to make the Arabic bread and got many information about the Arabic kitchen