About La Pantera Co.

La Pantera represents European Academies and brands 

By representing the academies La Pantera is aiming to bring experts from the Italian academies to train local talented people in

Modeling,Professional Photography, Fashion design, Cooking and food styling, Interior design, hoping to develop local economy and

cultural exchange.

In addition to that La Pantera is representing as well cosmetics and beauty brands from Europe.

Our Mission

      • To inspire people and invest in their potentiality

      • To create value and make a difference.

      • To represent best brands to local market Reflecting the brands level and image professionally starting with

        the unique brand Diego Dalla Palma including makeup, hair care products and skin care products, in

       addition to accessories.

Our Vision

The key to our success is cooperation – not only cooperation among ourselves, but cooperation with our suppliers, customers,

researchers, and the key people in the markets we serve, focusing on our expertise and resources for the local &

regional development.

Our Vision Is to:

      • Provide competitive, valued, superior quality products & services to our customers

      • Sustain the professional development of our customers

      • Create new market opportunities for our suppliers and clients